HIV Rejected

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Video performance, 2019, 11:28 (Full Length)

While in recent years HIV has become a controlled pathology that is not serious and countless studies show that effective treatment means that people who carry the virus do not transmit it, society has lagged behind.
Stigma remains between our HIV-positive bodies and, with it, rejection.

HIV-positive bodies face rejection in every personal interaction when this status is and/or should be revealed. This leads HIV+ people to live with anguish their HIV status, to concealment and fear.

But this discrimination is not only on a personal level. According to a study by the Legal Clinic of the Faculty of Law of the University of Alcalá and CESIDA during 2015, the majority of the cases of discrimination faced by HIV-positive people in Spain are: access to public employment (State Security Forces); access to services (contracting insurance and private services); confidentiality of personal data and violation of the right to privacy (disclosure of serological status and submission to HIV testing).

Much remains to be done to ensure that HIV-positive bodies are not marked with a “rejected”.

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HIV Rejected

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